The Pelican Island Preservation Society (PIPS) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit citizen support organization (CSO) for the Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge located in Sebastian Florida.  A CSO is the only way for the public to support/donate to a refuge, other than through volunteer efforts, as it is a government-owned entity.

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Board of Directors

Tim Glover, President - Apr ‘19
Steve Massey, Past President – Apr ’19
Scott Beazley, Vice President – Apr ’19
Jessica Francis, Secretary – Apr ’19
Kristie Woodward, Treasurer - Apr ‘19
Opey Angelone, Director - Apr ‘19
Ginny Blossom, Director - Apr ‘19
David Cox, Director - Apr ‘19
Beth Breisch Hager, Director - Apr ‘19
Kim Piston, Director - Apr ‘19
Triana Romero, Director - Apr ‘19
Eric Swenson, Director - Apr '19
Rene VanDeVoorde - Apr ‘19